Monthly Interview

Hello, fangirls. A dear friend of mine suggested that I do a monthly interview. It can be anyone — my followers, people I follow, authors, other bloggers, my buddies way down south in Dixie. So if you see this and want to give it a try, or just want to chat, send me an email at Also, if any of you have ideas for weekly or monthly features, please tell me, because I eventually want to expand this into a dot com, and make it so much more than my random ramblings. Peace out, Cumbercookies!


70 thoughts on “Monthly Interview

  1. Cumbercookies??? I love it!

    • I am a proud Cumbercookie. I believe in Sherlock Holmes.

      • It’s always seen the Cumbercollective but I think I’ll be a Cumbercookie from now on. Ironically enough I’m watching STID and my mom says that Chris Pine is better looking than BC. The shunning has begun!

        • I am a Cumbercookie. All of us Cumbercookies together make . . . yup, you guessed it — the Cumberbatch. Chris Pine against BC? Never. He’s okay, but he doesn’t hold a candle to our consulting detective! I can’t wait for my copy of ST:ID to come in, because I haven’t even seen it in theaters!


            Okay caps lock done sorry about that ^_^

            • Okaaaaay then . . . and how many Red Bulls have you had so far? And I will. I am so incredibly exited you have no idea and yeah I’m starting to fangirl and OMG I’m so exited and Benedict Cumberbatch! Yup — I fangirled.

              • Yeah you don’t want to see me on caffeine it’s pretty bad. I’ve actually abstained for about six months now 🙂 Fangirl away!

                • Wow. You’ve abstained for SIX MONTHS? I can’t abstain for six hours!

                  • Well I get panic attacks so really it’s for the best haha. I do miss it sometimes though I love the warmth and sweetness of coffee and I can only drink certain teas. It’s hard work being caffeine celibate!

                    • I LIVE on caffeine, so kudos, Kayla.

                    • *take a bow* Why thank you ^_^

                    • You’re welcome, and on a completely different note, I love your book reviews. I’m making a list of your recommendations and trying them out at our library. (Which sad to say, doesn’t have a lot of them.) I work there, though, so I’m able to have a little input into new books. Actually, I’m really excited. I just read Divergent and The Mark of Athena last week — mainly because they just got them in. I was the first person to read them. I read Divergent in three hours — the whole thing!

                    • Seriously? Oh my goodness that means so much to me thank you for telling me! I haven’t read Divergent yet (though it’s on my shelf) and I just got The Lost Hero today. What did you think of Divergent?

                    • Well, out of 5 stars, I’d give it 4. Tris was a little clichè, but the plot was really good. The whole love story bit just seems a little forced to me, although some people like it. It wasn’t your ordinary dystopian novel, Veronica Roth really put some effort into it, and her writing style is one of the best I’ve seen. Overall, I’d say it was a great book, but not what I expected. I will say, however, that it was good enough to make a movie out of, I just hope they don’t kill it like they did with Eragon. By the way, have you read the Inheritance Cycle or Incarceron?

                    • Oh good to know! I’ll keep that in mind whenever I read it. I know the movie comes out in February, so I guess we’ll see then! Eragon’s movie was so sadly done 😦 It’s such a shame, because that book is one of my favorites. I still never finished the fourth book, since I was a bit skeptical after Brisingr. I just felt like Paolini relied on a bit too much deux ex machina :/

                    • Yeah, the first book was definitely best. Poor movie adaptations just kill little pieces of my soul. I’m looking at you, Percy Jackson.

                    • Oh dear, let’s not get started on Percy Jackson. Good lord.

                      What about The Lovely Bones? That was the ONLY book that I thought the adaptation was better than the book.

                    • Actually, one of the few books I haven’t read. It’s on my list, though. Your thoughts on the Hunger Games?

                    • Oh man you actually made me pull out my laptop for this one instead of typing on my phone. *rubs hands together*

                      All right. My thoughts on the books: I used to hate Katniss’s character, especially in Mockingjay. I thought she was far too weak and just needed to pull herself together! BUT some recent events in my life have changed my perspective, and now I actually think she’s one of the most real heroines I’ve ever read about. I actually just wrote a post this afternoon about the whole shindig, and it’ll be up on Thursday if you want to read my monologue 😛

                      And the movies are flawless! I know only the first one is out, but JLaw did such an amazing job that I can’t believe I doubted her for a second! I thought the whole thing was so well done, even if they changed a few bits from the book. I can’t wait for Catching Fire – it looks like it’s going to be even better than THG! I’m still not convinced about Sam Claflin as Finnick, but I’m reserving judgement until I see the movie.

                    • I always love to read your monologues — they make my day. Now on to the books. I thought The Hunger Games was good, Catching Fire was better, and Mockingjay broke my soul. I don’t think Katniss is the most well-written heroine, but she’s one of the most realistic and believable ones. Jennifer Lawrence pulled her off perfectly. I’m with you on Sam Claflin — he’s just not how I pictured Finnick. Other than him, though, the casting for Catching Fire is pretty much my dreamcast. I’m excited about it, but I have to say I’m more excited for The Desolation of Smaug!

                    • Well then you’ll love Thursday’s post! Have you seen Stef Dawson yet? She’s the perfect Annie! Oh my god Desolation of Smaug is going to be the death of me. The Hobbit is another of my favorite books. As far as Incarceron, I’ll make sure I force through the first four chapters ao I can see that plot twist! What about Ender’s Game? The movie comes out November 1st!!!

                    • Okay, never heard of Ender’s Game, what’s it about? And as for the plot twist in Incarceron, it’s on literally the last page. It’s building up to an obvious ending, when suddenly, in one simple sentence it twists everything you’ve read around — and ends. And you’re just sitting there in a daze like “Oh. My Gosh.” And DoS is going to be so exciting! I’m hoping maybe my dad will take me to see the midnight premiere, since he’s a huge sci-fi / fantasy nerd like me.

                    • Okay, are you sure you’re prepared for this conversation? Sit down son, this is going to take a while 😀

                      Ender’s Game is written by Orson Scott Card, and it’s one of my all time favorite books and has seriously influenced me in my writing and perspective and it’s one of the first books that I truly identified with and said, “Oh my god he GETS it.” It’s about a futuristic society at war with the Formics (aliens, informally called the Buggers). Set in space mostly, the government has created a program that harnesses the intelligence of the best and brightest, starting at six years old and training them until at sixteen they are ready for command school and such. They’re looking for the best of the best, and Ender is rumored to be that one. I don’t want to tell you too much about the rest of the plot, since it’s so special there should be absolutely NO spoilers. But it’s not only a great adventure, it also looks at the psychology of a person and the pressures an above-average intelligent child faces, as well as moral and ethical dilemmas. It is just… ugh. I love this book so much. Not so much its sequel, Speaker for the Dead, but Ender’s Game is 100% worth the read. AND THE MOVIE’S CASTING IS FLAWLESS ASA BUTTERFIELD IS THE PERFECT ENDER.

                      Okay, I’ll make sure to put that one up on my TBR list!

                      Make him go! I used to love going to movies with my dad too 🙂 We don’t go much anymore, but I do have some good memories of X-Men and Marvel with him.

                    • That’s going to be a definite on my never ending to-be-read list, which is now growing steadily longer, many thanks to the brilliant Kayla Sanchez. It sounds fascinating, and a little bit like Marie Lu’s Legend. Which brings me to ask, have you read Legend and Prodigy? I highly recommend them. I’m really trying on the midnight premiere thing, unfortunately, Dad’s not much of a night owl. Never say never, though!

                    • Oh excellent! You’ll have to let me know whenever you get it started! I haven’t read Legend or Prodigy yet, but every time I walk into Barnes and Noble I see them on the shelves yet never pick them up!!! So silly of me, I know.

                      Ahh just give him some of your caffeine and he’ll be all set 😛

                    • Legend is so good that I read it twice in one week. A little obsessive, I know, but hey — no regrets here!

                    • I prefer to live life obsessed anyway – sanity is overrated! Just like I’ll be buying the new boxed set of Harry Potter because I need those new covers!

                    • Yeah, I plunged in a month ago and bought the extended editions of LotR. Again, I regret nothing. I have usually have three different copies of my books. One copy to lend (just in case their dog decides it looks tasty or something), one copy to read and highlight (that I’m not afraid for my dogs and coffee to get on), and one copy to set on my shelf and look pretty. I don’t buy books, I adopt them. Do you ever write fanfiction?

                    • Ohhhhh those are some of my favorite ever movies that is money well spent right there! And that’s smart – I recently lent my only copy of City of Bones to a “friend” and didn’t get it back for weeks… Not doing that again! Adoption is best! And I’ve never tried writing it, but I’ve read a bit. Not too much though: there’s so much that it’s overwhelming and I give up trying!

                    • Yeah, it’s really fun to write, but reading it is sometimes confusing. I think it’s worse in my case though. I loaned her a book, and she moved, taking the book with her.

                    • That is the worst thing ever 😦 People are so rude sometimes!

                    • I know, it’s terrible, but I got another copy — a better one, actually. Have you read Defiance by C J Redwine? I haven’t read the sequel yet, but the first one was really good.

                    • I’ve actually never heard of it – what’s it about?

                    • Just another dystopian novel, it’s a bit cliché, but an interesting read all the same.

                    • Ah well I do love me some dystopia so maybe I’ll have to check it out 🙂

                    • Ever read any Lois Lowry? And I also need an opinion on Maze Runner, if you’ve read it.

                    • I’ve read Number the Stars as well as The Giver, and loved both! The Giver moreso than NtS, simply because of it’s concept of passing down memories. And I actually have a post on the Maze Runner – I’m mobile right now so I don’t have a link but if you go on my blog and click “Past Book Reviews” then search alphabetically it’s right there 🙂

                    • Okay, thanks! I’ll go check it out right now. Oh, have you read The Messenger and Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry — they’re really great dystopian novels too.

                    • Neither of those 😦 Are they in the same series as The Giver?

                    • Yes, but they’re not really connected much. I started reading Maze Runner, but needs a trustworthy opinion on it, because honestly, for a grammar nazi like me, slang HURTS!

                    • The slang was a bit difficult to get used to, and at times a bit overdone, but the main story is worth it I think 🙂

                    • Okay, I just wanted to know if the plot and characters held their own against that atrocious slang. Thanks to you, I’ll be trying it again, come Monday.

                    • Excellent! Let me know what you think! Actually, here’s my email, that way we won’t have to keep spamming this page in the future 🙂


                    • Awesome! I have a million too – even the crappy one from the very first email I ever used!

                    • Yeah I’ve got my old yahoo one that my mum set up when I was nine, and then my gmail one, and then my blog address . . . the list could go on forever!

                    • Haha I get it! What are you actually reading at this point?

                    • As in books? Or email addresses? Sorry for the blonde moment!

                    • No worries! I’m prone to them as well 😉 I meant books 🙂

                    • Incarceron and The Hobbit.

                    • Well you already know I love the Hobbit 🙂 I have too many books to know which one I want to read next!

                    • Ever read the original Sherlock Holmes books . . . or the Inkheart Trilogy . . . or Dragon Rider . . . or movie novelisations of Star Trek and Doctor Who . . . or The Simarillion . . . or you could always do a blind date with a book?

                    • I’ve read The Hound of the Baskervilles and a few other short stories, not Inkheart, or Dragon Rider, nothing for Star Trek or Doctor Who, I’ve read about half of the Silmarillion, and blind date with a book doesn’t exist where I live 😦

                    • Inkheart is a nice rainy-day read, as is Dragon Rider. Arthur Conan Doyle is always good to fall back on, and I must admit, I love a good movie novelisation. I’ve never actually gotten to read the Simarillion, I just wondered if you had. My library doesn’t carry it, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere else. And the closest “Blind Date with a Book” program is about 150 miles away from me too. I just thought maybe you had a closer one. 😞

                    • Nope 😦 It’s really depressing! I’ve actually made it a goal to do that thing where you write notes and leave them in books at a bookstore for the buyer to find them! I think I’ve seen Dragon Rider at the used book store, and my sister might still have her copy of Inkheart… I’ll have to check tomorrow 🙂

                      If you don’t mind my creeping, what general area do you live in? I’m about a half hour away from Temecula, California and the only thing we have here is a tiny Barnes and Noble 😦 I get most of my books from Amazon

                    • I live in a teeny weeny little burg about two hours away from The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tn I live in the country music state, which is kinda ironic, considering my distaste for it. You actually have a Barnes and Noble — wow. We proudly boast a single McDonalds, a Walmart, and the new addition of . . . a hotel. Yup, I haven’t seen a car there yet! To add insult to injury, I live a good twenty minutes from town and have a mile-long gravel driveway leading to our house. We’re pretty out of the way. And no, I don’t mind your creeping at all. So, the closest bookstore is an hour away, and last week I went to my very first Books-a-Million!

                    • Well… Walmart has some great deals on movies! And what’s Books-a-Million? Oh and McDonald’s fries are the bomb diggity 😀 Where do you get all your books if you’re out in the boonies?

                    • Yeah, I’ve pretty much seen every five dollar movie there is at Walmart, I’m hoping we get some new ones soon! Books-a-Million is this lovely place filled to the brim with books — it’s like heaven for a nerd girl. Amazon mostly, and the library. Once in a while, my mum and I will make the trek to McKays, an enormous bookstore in Nashville. I’ll take some pictures next time I go, so you can appreciate the sheer size of the place. (It’s got a GLASS ELEVATOR!)

                    • Glass elevator?? Now that sounds the stairway to heaven! The one thing about Barnes and Noble is that they’re very selective – only the big hits or brand new releases are there. Anything older or something more obscure won’t be there and I’ll have to pay oodles for shipping to the store plus the half hour drive to get there 😦 Which is why I usually save my money and then place one big order from Amazon once a month or so to get the free shipping

                    • Yeah, it makes more sense that way, but then you walk in and look at the books that you were specifically NOT going to buy, and say, “yes, yes, I DO need eleven more books that I’ll probably never read”

                      Such is the life of a bookworm . . . sigh.

                    • I made a brave step towards recovery and actually stayed on budget today at the used bookstore! I had $10 to spend and I forced myself to put down a book that would have gone over that budget!

                      Oh there’s this HUGE three story bookstore in Los Angeles that I’ve been dying to go to but it’s like a two hour drive and the traffic in LA makes me so stressed out I’d need a Xanex to cope afterward 😦 Someday it’ll happen!

                    • I know, it’s really hard sometimes. And traffic is terrible! I know your pain.

                    • Okay – we’ll make a deal. You take pictures at McKays, and I’ll take pictures at The Last Bookstore. Then we’ll celebrate with our purchases and revel in our triumph over traffic!

                    • Yay! Sounds like a plan to me. Actually, I’ll probably visit in about a month, and make a whole proper blogpost on the subject. That sounds like fun!

                    • Awesome! I look forward to it! And as much as I’d love to keep chatting (this is the first proper conversation I’ve had in a while, so thank you!) I have to go to bed now because i’m playing chauffeur for the younger sister tomorrow morning and then heading off to work.

                      But shoot me an email tomorrow and we can pick up where we left off! 😀

                    • That’s perfect timing — where I live it’s exactly 2:00 AM! Talk to you tomorrow.

                    • Oh, and Stef Dawson is EXACTLY how I imagined Annie. I’m thinking about writing a fanfiction about Annie’s Hunger Games.

                    • Have you ever read Incarceron?

                    • Oh, and I haven’t read Incarceron yet, though I have that on my shelf as well!

                    • It has a little bit more language than I’d prefer, but it’s a really interesting concept. Trust me, though — the first four chapters are weird. Make it through those, and you’ll have a spectacular book on your hands — with a serious plot twist at he end.

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