Cruelty at its finest.

Hi. I’m going to break your heart and crush your soul today. I’m in a very “Moffat” mood.

If you do not want to cry, don’t even think about reading what I’ve written below.

. . . You’re brave to come this far, but turn back while you still can!

While the Doctor was working in a toy shop during his eleventh regeneration, a pregnant redhead walked into the shop, followed by an elderly man. The Doctor, seeing them, quickly pulled off his name tag and dropped it on the floor. The redhead introduced herself as Donna, and asked if she could see the collection of baby toys, because her daughter, named Rose at her grandad’s request, was due in a month. The doctor turned before Donna saw the look on his face, and didn’t notice the elderly man stoop and pick up the name tag. There were tears in the eyes of both men.

Have a nice day.