Doctor Who Challenge

Comment below, and submit your answers to my DW Challenge. Have fun!

– Favorite Doctor

– Least Favorite Doctor

– Favorite Companion

– Least Favorite Companion

– Favorite Villain

– Least Favorite Villain

– Favorite Alien

– Least Favorite Alien

– Favorite Episode

– Least Favorite Episode

– Favorite Season

– Least Favorite Season

– Saddest Episode

– Funniest Episode

– Scariest Episode

– Favorite Theme Song

– Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates

– Most Annoying Character

– Favorite Character Overall

– Favorite Actor

– Least Favorite Actor

– Least Favorite Actress

– Favorite Actress

– Favorite Writer

– Favorite Couple

– Favorite Friendship

– Favorite Doctor Who Spin-off

– Favorite Quote

– Favorite Catchphrase

– Favorite Gadget

– Favorite Interview

– Favorite GIF

– Favorite Guest Star

– Favorite Scene


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who Challenge

  1. – Favorite Doctor-10th Doctor

    – Least Favorite Doctor-1st Doctor. I’m amazed that he is the one that started this phenomenon haha

    – Favorite Companion-Donna Noble

    – Least Favorite Companion-I don’t really have one? I would say Martha but I still like her

    – Favorite Villain-SOOO predictable but Weeping Angels. They are SO scary as hell.

    – Least Favorite Villain-Slitheen. I just never found them to be threatening or intimidating in the slightest

    – Favorite Alien-Uh, I liked the Trees in The End of the World, Series 1

    – Least Favorite Alien-Can I count the Slitheen again?

    – Favorite Episode-This is seriously SO hard. I think I would say, Journey’s End, the season finale to Series 4

    – Least Favorite Episode-The Curse of the Black Spot. I love pirates but just…no. Or The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Not a fan of that either.

    – Favorite Season-Hmm, seasons 2 or 4

    – Least Favorite Season-I need to watch all the full seasons of the original Doctors before I can really say haha. I’ve only seen bits and pieces

    – Saddest Episode-Journey’s End, or Doomsday

    – Funniest Episode-Closing Time. The baby wanting to be called Stormaggedon is hilarious

    – Scariest Episode-Blink

    – Favorite Theme Song-Ten

    – Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates-Amy Pond. Okay most people probably like her but my boyfriend hates her so there.

    – Most Annoying Character-I’m sorry, but River Song annoys me SO much

    – Favorite Character Overall-The Doctor/Donna. Its a tie

    – Favorite Actor-David Tennant

    – Least Favorite Actor-I don’t think I have one

    – Least Favorite Actress-Same

    – Favorite Actress-Catherine Tate

    – Favorite Writer-Russell T Davies of course

    – Favorite Couple-Amy and Rory!

    – Favorite Friendship-The Doctor and Donna

    – Favorite Doctor Who Spin-off-Torchwood, but only because I haven’t been able to watch Sarah Jane yet

    – Favorite Quote-“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

    – Favorite Catchphrase-“Fantastic!”

    – Favorite Gadget-Sonic Screwdriver, obviously 🙂

    – Favorite Interview-Dunnnnno lol

    – Favorite GIF-I’m technologically retarded when it comes to GIFs

    – Favorite Guest Star-Hmm, thats hard. That’s really really hard. I think maybe Mark Williams coming in to play Rory’s dad in Series 7

    – Favorite Scene-There are just TOO many to even name

  2. – Favorite Doctor: I’ve never actually watched more than an episode of Classic Who, but I get the feeling my fave Docs would be Five and Seven. Favorite New Who Doc, though…. Ugh. I can’t pick. Don’t make me. Eleven was my first, but… I love Nine and Ten so much, too.

    – Least Favorite Doctor: I kind of feel like from Classic Who it would be One. He just seems really… I dunno. Crabby? I don’t want to pick a New Who one.

    – Favorite Companion: The Ponds. They count as one companion, right?

    – Least Favorite Companion: Either Martha, Mickey, or Clara. Not because I don’t like Clara, just because she’s so bland, at least at the moment.

    – Favorite Villain: Can’t pick right now. Too many good ones.

    – Least Favorite Villain: The Abzorbaloff. Ugh.

    – Favorite Alien: Besides the Doctor? Hm…

    – Least Favorite Alien: Slitheen?

    – Favorite Episode: I always say Vincent and the Doctor, though I don’t know if it’s my /favorite/ favorite. But it’s definitely one of them.

    – Least Favorite Episode: Love & Monsters

    – Favorite Season: GAH. 2, 4, or 5. I also love 6.

    – Least Favorite Season: 3…?

    – Saddest Episode: All of them. (The End of Time, Vincent and the Doctor, The Girl Who Waited, The Angels Take Manhattan…)

    – Funniest Episode: Can’t pick.

    – Scariest Episode: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit are really freaky.

    – Favorite Theme Song: Like… show themes? They’re all mostly the same. Do you mean Doctor themes? Because if so, I Am the Doctor.

    – Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates: I feel like a lot of people hate Amy, but I love her. So much.

    – Most Annoying Character: The Abzorbaloff.

    – Favorite Character Overall: Nope.

    – Favorite Actor: Gaaaaahhhh. Nope.

    – Least Favorite Actor: Whoever played the Abzorbaloff.

    – Least Favorite Actress: Uhmm…. I dunno.

    – Favorite Actress: Karen Gillan. Alex Kingston. (I’ve met her, btdubs.) Catherine Tate. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE.

    – Favorite Writer: Uggghhhh. No.

    – Favorite Couple: Amy and Rory. Amy and Rory. Amy and Rory.

    – Favorite Friendship: Amy and the Doctor.

    – Favorite Doctor Who Spin-off: Haven’t watched any of them.

    – Favorite Quote: “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

    – Favorite Catchphrase: “Fantastic!”

    – Favorite Gadget: Sonic screwdriver or anything River owns.

    – Favorite Interview: Psshhhh no.

    – Favorite GIF: Also pshhhhhh no.

    – Favorite Guest Star: I don’t really remember much of Anthony Head’s character (haven’t watched those seasons in forever), but I lovelovelove him as an actor.

    – Favorite Scene: Uggghhh. I reallyreallyreally love the scene where the Doctor and Amy take Vincent to the Louvre. It kills me every.time.

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