Mind. Blown.

Guys! I found a thing! You know the dead woman in ASiP? Jennifer Wilson was at the press conference with Lestrade in the beginning of the episode! In London for a day? Works in the media? How did she know to leave the trail, you ask? She knew about the case from Lestrade and was helping him. Now I’ve made you want to go watch the episode again, huh?

I snorted tea out my nose!

The Sherlock Theme gets yelled at you. Seriously just click here. My poor sister happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I’m pretty sure she’s traumatized by the whole experience. This is our fandom. Yes, we are always like this.

(I’m pretty sure this is what I sound like when Sherlock comes on. I suddenly feel a little less confident about my musical abilities.)

A Fangirl’s Dream Come True!

I know, I know. I’ve already posted one of my ramblings this week, but what can I say? You guys are just special little snowflakes! Actually, the truth is, I’ve got some really amazing news to share with you. For all you poor dears who have to wait for Netflix to put Doctor Who Season 7 out . . . wait no longer! For I have found a miracle website that has changed my life forever.

*whispers* DailyMotion

The fangirl’s dream! All of Season 7 — plus the unaired pilot episode of Sherlock. Hallelujah!

You can thank me later, just go now. Live your dream!

WhoLock Crossovers

I’ll keep an ongoing list of possible WhoLock crossovers below. You guys are welcome to use them for fanfics, of you feel so inclined, just please send me the link so I can read it!

Sherlock isn’t actually a human. He’s a Timelord, and Molly is his companion. He stored his Timelord self inside his pocket watch, which Mycroft keeps safe for him. (See a Study In Pink.) only problem is, it didn’t quite work. His extraordinary intelligence leaks through. This theory would explain why Molly seems so devoted to him, and gets so emotional when he ignores her. It breaks her heart.

Moriarty is the Master. Think about it. He keeps coming back, what’s to prevent him from coming back one more time? They’re both crazy psychopaths, and knowing that he would regenerate is why Moriarty doesn’t mind shooting himself. What if he regenerates into Sebastian Moran? (S3 villain)

What if Sherlock is a future regeneration of the Doctor, but his TARDIS got sucked into the Crack, causing him to forget it, and everything that went along with it. His adventures. All those times Sherlock just sits there thinking, he’s actually trying to remember something he should never, ever have forgotten.

In the parallel universe where Rose and TenToo are trapped, the Arthur Conan Doyle stories don’t exist, but the real Shlock does.

Also in the parallel universe, Rose and TenToo have two babies. One they name Sherlock, and the other Clara.

The Weekly Rambling

You guys have been exposed to some real, true-to-goodness fangirling in this blog so far, but here comes the pinnacle of fan exitement. The Squeal. If you have sensitive hearing, please cover your ears now, because this baby’ll go right over the internet.


Okay. Now that I got that out of my system, I probably should tell you what I’m screaming about. Otherwise, you might just think I’m insane. Which might be true. So, here you have it. I can say it in one word, one very simple word.


I’ll write a complete review later, (Who knows? I might even make a page just for book reviews.) but anyway, I love it! I finished the entire 500 pages in three hours. No lie!

Also, Loki is returning in Thor 2! Yay! Also, Joss Whedon has hinted at possible redemption for him. That makes me feel better. In Tom Hiddleston’s own words, “He (Eccleston) is the bad guy, and Chris is the hero. I’m just the firework.”

So, on to the next point. The Ninth Doctor is in a Marvel movie! Talk about the ultimate crossover! It will be really interesting to see our beloved peacemaker with a sword . . . not to mention long hair and pointy ears. That’s right, you heard me. Christopher Eccleston will be playing an elf . . . thing.

Back to Divergent. I have mixed feelings about the new movie. I don’t like Theo James, and I think they could have chosen a much better Tris, but overall I’m very happy for the people who think they can go see it, and not have the book ruined forever for them. Like the Hunger Games. Don’t shoot me. I loved the books, but the movie fell short where it mattered most.

Now I’ll go on a little rant here. I literally cannot express how much Ben Affleck should not be Batman. For me, it’s Christian Bale or nothing. And why are they making another Spider-Man movie? Andrew Garfield is a good actor, but he’s just not Spider-Man.

Back to the Who-Vengers crossover. In 2014, we’re getting The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Tom Hiddleston has already confirmed that he won’t be in it, but guess who will! Karen Gillian. Yup, our little Amy Pond has shaved of her beautiful red hair to play an angel. As did Matt Smith. Bummer. He really had great hair – better than mine, actually.

Speaking of hair, who is pleased that Loki got his hair gel back? I certainly know I am, although I have to say I rather like Thor’s long flowing locks. (Again, better than mine!)

I would also like to announce that I converted my friend – into a Sherlockian, that is. It took her about two minutes, and you could just see RDJ moving into second place. *internet high-five*

So, now you see why they’re called ramblings, not just blogposts.

Riechenbach Theory #2

Q : Why does Sherlock act like he’s lost and hasn’t already figured out Jim’s whole plan on the roof of St Bart’s?

A : So he can record what Jim is saying on his phone which he has tucked inside his sleeve. After he has recorded the most important parts for evidence, he slips it into his coat pocket. Later, when he’s on the phone with John, he says “This is my note.” Before he jumps, he throws the phone away so John can find it.