The Weekly Rambling

You guys have been exposed to some real, true-to-goodness fangirling in this blog so far, but here comes the pinnacle of fan exitement. The Squeal. If you have sensitive hearing, please cover your ears now, because this baby’ll go right over the internet.


Okay. Now that I got that out of my system, I probably should tell you what I’m screaming about. Otherwise, you might just think I’m insane. Which might be true. So, here you have it. I can say it in one word, one very simple word.


I’ll write a complete review later, (Who knows? I might even make a page just for book reviews.) but anyway, I love it! I finished the entire 500 pages in three hours. No lie!

Also, Loki is returning in Thor 2! Yay! Also, Joss Whedon has hinted at possible redemption for him. That makes me feel better. In Tom Hiddleston’s own words, “He (Eccleston) is the bad guy, and Chris is the hero. I’m just the firework.”

So, on to the next point. The Ninth Doctor is in a Marvel movie! Talk about the ultimate crossover! It will be really interesting to see our beloved peacemaker with a sword . . . not to mention long hair and pointy ears. That’s right, you heard me. Christopher Eccleston will be playing an elf . . . thing.

Back to Divergent. I have mixed feelings about the new movie. I don’t like Theo James, and I think they could have chosen a much better Tris, but overall I’m very happy for the people who think they can go see it, and not have the book ruined forever for them. Like the Hunger Games. Don’t shoot me. I loved the books, but the movie fell short where it mattered most.

Now I’ll go on a little rant here. I literally cannot express how much Ben Affleck should not be Batman. For me, it’s Christian Bale or nothing. And why are they making another Spider-Man movie? Andrew Garfield is a good actor, but he’s just not Spider-Man.

Back to the Who-Vengers crossover. In 2014, we’re getting The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Tom Hiddleston has already confirmed that he won’t be in it, but guess who will! Karen Gillian. Yup, our little Amy Pond has shaved of her beautiful red hair to play an angel. As did Matt Smith. Bummer. He really had great hair – better than mine, actually.

Speaking of hair, who is pleased that Loki got his hair gel back? I certainly know I am, although I have to say I rather like Thor’s long flowing locks. (Again, better than mine!)

I would also like to announce that I converted my friend – into a Sherlockian, that is. It took her about two minutes, and you could just see RDJ moving into second place. *internet high-five*

So, now you see why they’re called ramblings, not just blogposts.