Random Thought(s) of the Day

“Crimson, eleven, delight, and the smell of earth after rain.”

This quote from The Doctor’s Wife is one of the few things I haven’t over-analyzed on this show. But think about it. Eleven. Moffat is quoting the Doctor’s regeneration number, something he doesn’t usually do. Maybe he’s trying to tell us something?

Thought number two. I just figured out that Torchwood is an anagram for Doctor Who. Seriously — try it!

Black Widow and Hawkeye’s couple name is Black Eye.

Aaaaaaaaand here are some unnecessary feels.

The wonderful thing about Timelords,

Are Timelords are wonderful things!

Timelines are made of rubber,

And clocks are made of springs!

It’s wibblu wobbly, timey wimey, fun fun fun fun fun!

But the most terrible thing about Timelords is I’m . . . . . the only one.