Nomination for the Leibster Award

I want to start out by saying thank you so incredibly much to Miss Emory (from Freak of Fandom) for nominating me for the Leibster blogging award. Rules dictate that I answer her questions and create some of my own for my nominees. Now as far as I know, this award is meant to promote fandom blogs to other fangirls, to help them find someone who’s as crazy interesting as they are.

So here’s her questions.

State your name, rank, and intention.

Fangirl, fangirl, fun.

What is your favorite quotation?

“I will always be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

If you could have any fictional character’s life for a day, who would you choose?

That’s a hard one. I’m definitely not going to say Katniss Everdeen. I’d say Oswin Oswald, but then I’d die. I’ll go with Molly Hooper.

How would you handle that life?

Terribly. I’m pretty sure I would wring Sherlock’s neck by the end of the day!

Do you have any fictional crushes? If so, who?

Gonna have to say nope on that one. I respect them, but again, I’m just not that kind of girl.

If you could make any canonical crossover happen between two fictional universes, which ones would you choose?

WhoLock all the way!

Who are three of your heroes? (These ones have to be real people)

Jesus first, definitely. Next would be a toss-up between Whedon, Gatiss, and Moffat. Third would probably have to be Lindsey Stirling, the most amazing dubstep violinist on the planet.

What period of history interests you the most?


If you could fill a swimming pool with any food or drink (other than water), what would you fill it with?

Chocolate milk!

Would you rather live in a library where you can have all the books and movies you want with no late fees, a zoo where all the animals know and love you, or a theater, where you get front-row seats and backstage passes to every play?

Totally the library!

Now for my questions!

If you could meet five fictional characters, who would you pick?

Who is your role model in life?

what fictional character are you most like?

Who are your favorite actors or actresses?

What is your favorite movie/TV show?

Favorite book?

give us a short profile of yourself.

What’s your favorite summer activity?

Tell is a little bit about your blog.

what is your dream job?

And my nominees.

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Have a blessed day, guys!