Askdlkihfgsd! Or . . . my mum is a Whovian!

My mum hates sci-fi. Well, not so much hates it, as just doesn’t *get* the whole time travel thing. But she finally broke down, and decided to watch an episode of Doctor Who. She made it through Rose, and I walked into our living room tonight to find her watching The End of the World — all by herself. I didn’t even ask beg her to. So, anyway, we’re seeing definite improvements over last week when she asked if the Doctor had gills! (Really, mum?) Tonight’s episode was the third one she’d watched, (The other being The Girl in the Fireplace.) and of course, I plopped down on the sofa and watched it with her. (I miss me some Nine. Too bad he only had one season.) I know that since she made it through the first one, and watched the second without being asked — she’s hooked. My own mother, hooked on a time travel show — that’s weird. She won’t admit it yet, but she really does like the Doctor and his magic blue box. On another note, she has finally completed all six episodes of Sherlock. I’ve been highly instrumental in bringing that about, too. So, yeah. My mother (and my little sis) is a Whovian — and a Sherlockian. And a dear friend of mine, named Kelly. I got her Sherlocked, but I’m still working on converting her into a Whovian. In the words of Mr David Tennant, “It’s very hard to try to explain Doctor Who, and not sound like a lunatic.” Also, you guys should expect a few very long posts in the next few weeks, so hang in there, and know that I’m doing the best I can! I just wanted to announce to the blogosphere that MY MOM IS A WHOVIAN! Glad I got that out of my system.


8 thoughts on “Askdlkihfgsd! Or . . . my mum is a Whovian!

  1. I know how you feel. I was unspeakably overjoyed when my mum began to really enjoy the show. 🙂 It feels just SO good to make a reference and have a parent appreciate it.

  2. This is fantastic! 😉 How exciting; it’s always great watching someone get hooked against their will! LOL. I got my mom to watch Sherlock but she still hasn’t given Doctor Who a try. In a way it’s okay because at least my sister loves it and we already share a lot of favorite movies and TV shows.


  3. converting the family is really difficult but it’s so satisfying when it happens! I got my dad to watch all of Sherlock and my mom has seen all of Doctor Who, I’ve got casually nerdy parents (they both were always the nerd type, Star Trek was their thing back in the day)! while my brothers, are both Whovians and one in a Sherlockian as well and is spreading the love.
    and we’re all in love with LotR! 🙂
    Congratulations on converting your mum! 😀 *clapping gleefully*

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