Just a bunch of random thoughts.

When people say “Ten is my Doctor!” or “Nine is boring.” or “Eleven is the hottest!” or “Twelve is too old.”, what it really means they’re not true fans of Doctor Who. Real fangirls who love the show for the show, and not just for the actors, will realize that it’s not a competition for who’s the best, but a relay race, to carry the show on into the hearts of future generations.

In The Snowmen (set in 1892), the Doctor meets Clara, who’s a governess to two children, the youngest of whom is named Digby. In The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe, the Doctor meets the Arwell family, when they spend Christmas at Uncle Digby’s house. Coincidence? I think not.

Sherlock needs to recite Shakespeare nest season.

In The Angels Take Manhattan, the Doctor was just over 1000; in A Nightmare in Silver, he claims to be 2000, which means he spent over 1000 years alone after we lost the Ponds. I really wish I didn’t know that.

You are now aware that Rory never got to hold his real baby daughter.

I just realized something. Amy is first introduced talking out a letter (Dear Santa) and her story ends in a letter (the afterword). It starts with “Dear” and ends with “ends”, as in “The End”. “We’re all just stories in the end.” “A name in a fairytale.” What if Amelia Pond was actually a fairytale. Literally a story. She was always talking about her imaginary friend — what if she was the Doctor’s?

The first time Rose ever spoke to the Doctor is the last time he ever spoke to her. Now we know why she looked so surprised when he first regenerated. She could have sworn she saw that face somewhere before.

What’s so important about a duck pond with no ducks?

Click this link.Seriously. Shimmy, Sherlock, shimmy!


3 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. There is so much that I’m reeling about in this post haha. I love Doctor Who

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