Random Thought of the Day

Here’s a little something I thought up.

The thing about flying the TARDIS is, that Nine acts like he’s playing a guitar, all putting his fingers in the right spots at the right times and hoping that the result is good. Ten, however, acts like he’s trying to keep his wife happy with him, all stroking and letting and praying she doesn’t get mad and land him on some terrible planet filled with bloodthirsty natives. Then there’s Eleven, and he’s just like “This is such a fun game! I’m best at this game, aren’t I? How many points do I get for this?” And then there’s River. That one kid at the arcade who knows the machine better than you and proves it every time she walks in the door. You can’t help but be envious, and you sneak peeks at how she does it while still pretending you’re better. Spoiler alert : you’re not.

Accurate post is incredibly accurate.


Your thoughts?

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