So when I went back through LotR for the umpteenth time, I kept a close watch on Legolas in the back of all of the other character’s solemn, majestic moments – and everybody’s favorite elf is always like this – I mean really, that is just terrible!

Or this…
What did Orlando Bloom do the whole time?! Did he just stand in the back and do yoga with his face?!
That is just priceless!
Ok, moving on. Or not, (I just had to put this one out there)

5 thoughts on “Legolas

  1. I agree on the second pic, I’ve noticed all of the faces before (except the third one, from behind the scenes or? I LOL’d). But as for the first and last one, this small moment in the film I’ve always loved. It’s such a crucial moment in the story, where Gollum gets the ring back and the fellowship is fighting at the Black Gate, and everything comes together. Legolas sees Aragorn going down during battle and that’s where that expression comes in – I’ve always seen it as an emotional moment where he is trying to get to his friend in a kind of panic/concern and everything is happening at the same time (it’s also not a background shot of him, but his own). But I have to add I’m a huge LotR geek, though not an unreasonable one, but perhaps I experience the story and the characters on a higher emotional level than… Less geeky people, lol.

  2. You know, I rewatch LotR every November/December…guess I know who to focus on this year LOL. Wonder if he is pulling the same faces in ‘The Hobbit’….

  3. Seriously. I have to go back through and just look for all of his derp faces! So hilarious!

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