So I guess i should tell you guys a little bit about myself, huh? I am an average teenage girl with waaaay too many fandoms. I am utterly obsessed with all things British. I literally live in the middle of nowhere. I have a pet hedgehog. I love to sketch and write. I am in the middle of writing four different novels. Someday I WILL go to London. I love old things, especially old books, actually, my oldest book is from 1876. I’m a hoarder. I collect odd things like stamps and coins and bottlecaps. I alternately love and hate Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Joss Whedon. I despise bad spelling. I love, laugh and cry with my fictional characters. I have a very hard time finishing projects. I am extremely devoted to “ships”. I have shipped pretty much every fictional character I’ve ever encountered. I ship Gale/Katniss and Sherlolly (Sherlock/Molly). I’m in most of the fandoms, excluding: Harry Potter, Twilight, Merlin, Supernatural, and The X-Files, I am, however in: The Lord of the Rings, the Avengers, BBC Sherlock, BBC Doctor Who, BBC Robin Hood, The Hunger Games, Star Trek, and Stargate. (I think that’s all…) I am a huge supporter of the oxford comma. I am an introvert. I love books. Ya know, that could be considered the understatement of the century! I go to the library and pick out five 600-page novels and finish them in less than a week. My bedroom could pass for a library. I’m not a girly-girl. I honestly can’t decide whether I’m a geek, a nerd or a dork…probably all three! I love to listen to soundtracks and blog. I have self-diagnosed selective OCD (CDO?), which means I can live in a state of utter disaster (which I do half of the time), but HAVE to have my books lined up in perfect series order…and shoelaces, I really freak out when one is untied. I live on coffee and peanut butter. Seriously! I have insomnia…or a really, really good book and inadequate respect for tomorrow, whichever you like. I am a Christian, and proud to be one! I have a thing for Nutella. I think Loki is the coolest thing since sliced bread. My favorite color is green. I want to write for a living when I get a little older. Other than that, there’s not much to say…


8 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hey Ashli! You are doing such a good job on your blog! I love all the tid-bits you find from the Internet and all your thoughts on the fandoms! One tip I have is to take this post and turn it into a page. A lot of people will come to your blog and as they try to figure out what intense awesomeness is happening. But as your blog continues to grow, it will be rather hard for them to get to your very first post to learn about you. And all you really have to do is copy this post and paste it to a page! 🙂 Just a little tip and I absolutely love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. Gah! Just found your blog!! I really love it!! I’m a geek-nerd-dork, too. xD My fandoms are, Doctor Who, LOTR, The Hobbit, Percy Jackson, The Avengers, and I hope to add to the list soon, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, and Merlin. 🙂 I adore Loki, too, I mean who doesn’t drool over him? 😀 Warning: everytime I find another awesome blog, I tend to comment–a ton. Just don’t freak out. I’ll try not to bug you too much. xD Laters! –Mary Jane

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